Understanding Common Furnace Problems

How to Determine Whether You Can Fix Your Furnace Yourself or You Need to Hire a Professional Heating Repair Service Provider

Furnaces are complex mechanisms that are not that easy to repair. For this reason, it is a good idea to hire a professional technician to handle your heating problem. However, some problems are easier to troubleshoot than others. And although we do not encourage DIY repairs, we strongly recommend that you troubleshoot your system. This will help you better understand the type of heating repair service you need to request.

unnamedThe furnace is not responding to any commands

  • Check the thermostat. Every heating system is equipped with a thermostat. This device measures the temperature in your home, compares it with your settings, and then commands the furnace to start or stop depending on whether you need more heat or not. If this device is malfunctioning, your entire system will go haywire. So, make sure that your thermostat has power and that the settings are right.
  • Check the circuit breaker. If your furnace runs on electricity, then make sure that the circuit breakers are not tripped off.
  • Faulty pilot light. If your pilot light goes off for no reasons whatsoever, then you should have your whole furnace inspected. This type of problem can be quite frustrating and can also lead to some dangerous outcomes (eg. gas leaks).

Not enough heat

  • Leaky ducts. When a heating system is not providing the same level of comfort as before, then make sure that you check the level of your heating fluid. If air gets into your system, efficiency will be severely diminished.
  • Dirty filters. As a rule of thumb, you should clean your filters every month. Failing to do so may cause an imbalance in the air flow. This will eventually lead to lower performance and the potential for major damage.

If none of this helps, then call a professional heating repair service provider. AirTemp Services is located in Texarkana, TX, and we offer quality and reliable services for both residential and commercial clients in the area. Call us at (903) 278-4526 in you’re interested.

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